Tokyo Disney Sea, Thursday July 12.. some questions

Discussion in 'Tokyo, Hong Kong & Shanghai Disneyland' started by Michael Moretsky, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I've been reading the posted pages on visiting Disney in Tokyo and am considering a trip to Disney Sea while in Tokyo with my kids this summer. The only day we would have available is Thursday, July 12 if we do decide to do it. What I've learned from this page is weekdays are better, and that it typically does not get super busy until the end of the month of July. However, never being to Tokyo before (Japan, for that matter) I want to double check that this day will be 'relatively' good. I don't know if it is a local holiday, etc. I understand it will be hot and humid but that is what it is and we can handle that. Is there anything else I should know, consider, or be warned about? Thanks so much everyone! Have a great day!
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    Funny how it seems that people join, ask a question, then disappear the same day. I wonder if they expect an immediate reply, or it's that their question gets buried in spam...

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