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    Having had the privilege of riding the all-new POTC in DLP several times(!), I thought I'd put some thoughts here.

    The first thing to say is that I can't say enough superlatives about the "non-IP" upgrades to the attraction - of which there are a ton. There are also a few surprises which I don't want to spoil for anyone... but they're not common to the other POTC and real "wow" moments, which don't wear off on repeated rides.

    The bulk of the non-IP upgrades are the addition of projections, but this is not to be understated. Covering the (formerly) 'slightly dull' early stages with high definition projections of moody clouds is an incredible effect.

    The other hugely positive thing, apart from the obvious "cleaning up" of the attraction (the quality is clearly better than Tokyo, which I also saw recently, which is high praise), is the attention that had been given to eliminate light leaks and reprinting of the ceiling visible during the "open air" scenes (Act 2). For me, nothing breaks the illusion like seeing ceiling tiles when you're meant to be outdoors, and now I couldn't spot them even when actively looking on a later ride through. It sounds silly, but this has to be my favourite "plussing".

    Onto the two controversial elements - both of which I don't really share in the outrage. I never viewed the redhead scene as being very significant to the DLP version, the fact there is also so much occurring to the right adds to this, and the replacement scene is of high quality. If pressed, I would have to agree that the "wench for a bride" scene is outmoded, and while there's an argument for historical preservation with some forms of art I don't think that extends to theme park attractions. Perhaps this makes me the wrong person to be offering my opinion...

    I also didn't get caught up in the film tie-in controversy, I actually viewed the movie elements (including the great soundtrack) as being improvements in the other attractions. There are plenty of IP additions, and all of them are huge improvements on what came before (often, nothing). With one exception. As DLP aficionados will be aware, the show order is different in that DLP's "Act 3" symbolises death, destruction, and melancholy. It's not a long "act", but it's a great way to end the attraction. No longer: we now have Jack Sparrow singing "pirates life for me", in the ending scene copied from all the other versions of the attraction. I have nothing against this scene in every other version of the attraction, and if a more fitting placement were found for it in DLP I would have no criticism here either. But it disrupts the slow pacing of the final act, and it feels like someone couldn't resist shoehorning it in.

    Despite the above criticism (which shouldn't be interpreted as minor), I love the new attraction - and that's before commenting on the greatly improved exterior, or the promise of much-needed improvements to one of the best-themed restaurants in the park. I'd have no hesitation in declaring this the best "classic" POTC worldwide at present, and would suggest that fans owe it to themselves to get to DLP asap, as while the plussing is permanent, this level of quality will (sadly) probably not last forever.
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