Stuff that made our cruise easier with a 5 year old

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    We recently went on a Disney Dream cruise with our 5-year old. I know the internet has millions of lists of things that you should pack for a cruise, but I'll add my list of things here, with specific attention to what my grade school kid needed.

    USB Hub: I know Tom has long advocated these, and I'll add my support here. Because Disney doesn't allow power strips, we invested in a USB hub with a long cord. We were thrilled to find that there were USB ports in the room as well. The USB hub allowed us to charge camera batteries, fitbits, phones, ipads, battery banks, etc., while only using one electrical outlet.

    USB Nightlight: We found a USB nightlight that we were able to plug into the USB bank (i.e., not use one of the precious outlets). While I prefer pitch dark, my daughter must have a nightlight. We found one with a "muted" light. It worked beautifully. No stubbed toes!

    Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Light
    : I often have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and turning on the bathroom light is disturbing to the others in the room. This light turns on when it senses motion and stays on for a minute or so. It was just enough light for me to go to the bathroom, and then it turned off on its own a few moments later.

    Step Stool: While I imagine that Disney designs ships with kids in mind, the sink was still too tall for my tall 5-year old. We packed our $5 ikea step stool (and packed inside of it), and it made it much easier for our kiddo to wash her hands and brush her teeth.

    Pump Soap: Speaking of washing hands, while the public bathrooms have liquid pump soap, the staterooms have bar soap. My kiddo does a much better job washing her hands with liquid soap, so we took a small pump soap with us.

    A Small Purse/Bag that Holds a Wave Phone: In the past, I just carried a small bag around the ship with me with my ID, my key card, and hand sanitizer. But on my first Disney cruise, I was dismayed that the Wave phone was much too big to fit in my small shoulder bag. This time I took a slightly bigger bag so I could have the Wave phone fit in the bag. (But I only carried around the Wave phone when kiddo was in the Oceaneer's Club/Lab.)

    Hand Sanitizer: A few years ago I heard a story on NPR that said that Purell-like hand sanitizers are generally worthless against noroviruses. So I found an alternative that claims to be effective against noro and works for up to 6 hours. My family likes this better than the wipes and sprays. We've used it for about 3 years now, and we have been quite happy with the results. So perhaps review your favorite hand sanitizer to see if it is "cruise ship"-worthy.

    Ziploc Bags: We wished that we had brought gallon-sized ziplocs to store the popcorn we purchased one night so it could be eaten again another night.

    Shims: We've been on a bunch of cruises, and I don't think we've yet to be on a cruise were we didn't need at least one shim. We've shoved them in the unused bunk bed, and in the shower door, and in the closet, and in ceiling tiles. They are so cheap and light that we take them with us rather than being annoyed by little noises. (I also have a sound machine and ear plugs, but little bit won't wear ear plugs, so we have to try to remove the noises at the source.)

    So, there you go. Nothing earth-shattering, but these things made our cruise (or WOULD have made our cruise had we brought them) a little bit easier with a kiddo.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post the advice. My family will be on our first cruise next spring and our youngest is six. I appreciate the tips.

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