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Discussion in 'Adventures by Disney' started by JanetD, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Of all the traveling and sometimes insane excursions never did I think it would be Adventures by Disney that would be the company to have the worst Customer Service. I sent a simple email that warranted a ‘yes’/’no’ answer; Can you please advise if there is a premium cost for a single traveler to participate in an Adventures by Disney excursion. Their response; Single occupancy Adventures are available upon request and are subject to availability. When it came time to make it official, I was hit with an incremental $800USD. Even after having the travel agent and myself contact AbyD to see if we could make the best of them misleading me by negotiating that we all cover a portion of the incremental cost, they wouldn’t budge. And doing a 3-day Park Hopper at Disneyland to start the vacation had neither impact nor the loyalty of past trips to not only Disney World but their cruise line, so much for the ‘happiest place on Earth’.
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    That's unfortunate that they didn't give you a more direct answer. For future reference, you will (almost) always have to pay a "single supplement" price on expeditions, cruises, etc.

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