How Does Disney Vacation Club Work?

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Club' started by labmom1994, Aug 7, 2017.

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    How does the DVC work? Is it really work it? I like to visit WDW 3-4x a year. Where do you find resale boards?
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    If you like to visit WDW 3-4 times per year, DVC would be a very good option for you (IMO). My DH and I did a lot of research on DVC before buying in, and we bought re-sale via:
    There are other resale companies out there, but we used the Tutas' twice. (we bought some points, waited a year and bought some more). I suggest you price out how much you spend now with the resort(s), tickets and dining options you prefer, and compare that to how much you will spend on points and annual passes. We priced everything out in a spreadsheet (because we're obsessive like that), and being DVC members does save us money over paying rack rates, all factors considered. Tom has at least one blog post on DVC that helped us make our decision.
    Hope this helps!

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